What Clients Say

"Working with Robert had significant impact on my new career ambitions and the future. The benefits from Robert's work are invaluable because it enlightened me to who I am, where I want to go in my professional life and what choices will be fulfilling for me. 
I strongly recommend Robert's coaching for anyone who is ready to make career changes and needs somebody to guide them through this transition period."
Jeremy J.
Music Manager, Berlin
"I had been appointed to a senior role in a large global biopharmaceutical organization, and hit the ground running. Robert was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for making strategic decisions. He helped me to build my leadership skills, to formulate my leadership vision, and to tap into my talents for inspiring and motivating my team for sustainable results. He helped me to navigate the challenges which the organization and my team face, and he has fostered my ability to fully embody my role as a leader, ensuring success. I strongly recommend Robert as an Executive Coach."
Dr. Michael M.
Therapeutic Area Lead
Global biopharmaceutical company
"At a crucial point in my career planning, Robert helped me make my transition from a no longer fulfilling job in a public agency to a very satisfying position in a dynamic company. Without Robert's support everything would have taken much longer, if I had even managed it at all. He's a great sparring partner, and a serious and professional coach."
Daniel N.
Human Resources Manager, Frankfurt
"Robert Knight conducted Executive/Leadership Coaching with our managers in Germany and the Netherlands with very successful results. Mr. Knight is an absolute professional who brings real added value."
Sandra F.
European HR Manager
Global Energy Company
"I engaged Mr. Knight as a professional business and leadership coach during my company foundation phase. He has been very successful in helping me to build an effective team with the most appropriate structures, and to raise and strengthen the potential of all team members with all their competencies.
I can unreservedly recommend Robert Knight, especially when it comes to questions of leadership development."
Bernd S.
Entrepreneur, Berlin
"Robert gave me confidence and reassurance that my experience and skills were actually suitable for the job market, and a renewed sense of purpose, as well as a clear strategy to continue my job search. Shortly after our session, I landed what is feeling like my dream job for this point in my career. I highly recommend his approach, preparation and professional experience. Extremely grateful to Robert for his very professional help and motivation!"
Alex A. 
FinTech Manager, Berlin
“I connected with Robert when I was secure in my employment, but interested in shifting into a new career. Although I had the passion and skills to take on this new adventure, I lacked the confidence to move forward. Over the course of several online meetings, Robert was able to hone in on my inner resources and helped me change the way I perceive and talk to myself. Through this I found new courage to overcome the obstacles blocking my path. Robert also helped me understand and verbalize my role in our world. His commitment to my success and his warm and caring attitude made me comfortable and able to share with him my innermost dreams and fears. I highly recommend Robert’s coaching services.“
Kimberly S.
Mental Health Advocate & Speaker, Prosser, USA
"Working with Mr. Knight helped me to use my leadership skills even more effectively and in a more targeted manner. This has significantly strengthened the cooperation with my employees. In the course of the coaching, I was also able to develop even more positive relationships with other stakeholders, especially with the Executive Board. Overall, the coaching with Mr. Knight helped me to achieve greater leadership strength and confidence in dealing with my tasks and challenges.
I gladly recommend Mr. Knight as a mature, experienced executive coach."
Dirk S.
Regional Sales Director
Global Consumer Good Producer
I came to Robert at a time when I was stuck in a difficult job situation, burdened with tasks I didn't like and struggling against dysfunctional structures. Working with Robert was game-changing. He helped me to envision a new and realistic future. With his support I was finally able to make the important decision to leave my old job and start my own company, which is now flourishing.
I must say that Robert was the best possible coach for me; and I'm convinced, not just for me! "
Bernd S.
Entrepreneur, Berlin
"Robert Knight is one of the most extraordinarily gifted coaches when it comes to helping people find their path in life as well as career.
I highly recommend anyone seeking to expand him or herself professionally to connect and work with Robert Knight immediately."
Melody T.
Loveland, CO, USA
"My time with Robert helped me to identify several areas in my work-life where I was stuck, giving me a broader perspective on my abilities and how to apply them in my career. His coaching helped me to develop new ways of thinking and gave me new ideas for the future of my professional development. I am very grateful for his support and would wholly recommend his services to anyone looking to expand their horizons."

Michael V.
Lawyer, Berlin
“I worked through Robert Knight’s program entirely and I am impressed by the system and the profound knowledge it provides, while being simultaneously of simple practicability. After accomplishing the program, my only regret was that I didn’t have these tools, techniques, tips, and tricks available much earlier in life. This would have made my various job applications and interviews significantly easier and more promising.“
Georg F.
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