Core Values Index™

The Core Values Index™ or CVI™ is a revolutionary online assessment that bypasses personality and behavior to reveal your unchanging motivational drivers and how you contribute to the world around you.

It only takes 10  minutes to complete, and with the free version you will get a high level video report about where your energy comes from.

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High Performance

Sustainable high performance is what most leaders and organizations would like to achieve. However, it is something that we see rarely in the workplace.

Robert Knight offers in this video a new perspective on how to enable sustainable high performance in our work.

By letting go of motivation as the default mode of leadership and embracing inspiration, leaders can create a work environment where high performance is the rule, not the exception.

Robert introduces a method to create inspiring workplaces by designing work around the intrinsic abilities of people.

This is the recording of a speech given on February 21st, 2019 at the Capital Club in Berlin.

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