Performance and Excellence

High performance and excellence in teams and organizations result from empowering everyone to make their highest and best contribution.

People who are enabled to do what they do best tend to be very satisfied and highly engaged.

Satisfied and engaged employees and teams make significant contributions to their companies and organizations through higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and lower turnover.

Empowered employees are also resilient and agile – two attributes necessary for business success in our changing world.

Developing High Team Performance from the Inside Out

Imagine a team..

  • where there is a high level of alignment between each person’s innate competencies and their roles
  • that communicates effectively and resolves conflicts constructively
  • which shares a common vision and purpose

What level of performance and excellence would such a team be capable of?

What would that mean to your business or organization as well as to its various stakeholders?

What would be possible for your company with teams full of happy and engaged employees and teams?

Conscious Endeavors develops and coaches teams and organizations using a variety of cutting-edge tools and concepts to empower people to make their best and highest contribution.

In an iterative process we first analyze the innate talents of people in the organization using the Core Values Index® (CVI), a revolutionary new assessment tool which has helped thousands of teams and organizations around the globe to reach high levels of sustainable performance and excellence.

Next we assist the team in realigning the various tasks and roles towards everyone’s core abilities. This is a 180° departure from the usual methods of trying to make people adjust to pre-defined job descriptions.

In workshops the team gains significant insight into its innate highest and best contribution to the organization, leading to the discovery of the team’s unique vision and purpose.

The Core Values Index also provides a framework for effective team communication.

We also work very closely with team leaders as they champion the team development process, ensuring effective and sustainable process results.
We look forward to speaking to you about how we can help you team make its best and highest contribution!
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